My Materials

My materials for the daily painting challenge:

I paint on Ampersand Gessobord museum quality panels, one eighth inch thick.

Oil paints are a variety of brands - Gamblin, Windsor Newton, Rembrandt, Holbein, M. Graham, Old Holland, and Williamsburg. Colors can vary with different brands. Experiment til you find ones you like.

For washes, I thin my paints with Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits by Gamblin. I don't use much medium to paint with, but sometimes I'll use a mixture of Gamsol and linseed oil.

Brushes are a mix of Silver Bristlon flats, Robert Simmons Signet bristle brights, and Rosemary and Co. mongoose flats.


  1. Thank you for such inspiring works.

    I am a beginning painter and studying your work has shown me that every line does not require perfection, I am not creating a photograph!

    May you continue to paint and inspire others.

    1. I'm a long time digital artist and you have a marvelous technique and style. I'm inspired to paint also.

  2. I find your paintings so amazing especially in some of them the simplicity is the key. I am a new painter and it is very hard to come up with things to paint. Everybody says just grab something and paint but I have picking anxiety. Do you know where I could get suggestions of what to paint or a site that has a daily challenge. Like paint this today.. I thought you did but can't find it.. Thanks for your feedback. Glad you are now in rest mode. Can't wait to see some of your larger paintings...Rhonda