Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 225

Fisher Price Dog, 5 x 5 inch oil on panel

Happy to be feeling well enough to do a more realized painting today, rather than the quick studies earlier this week. People who follow my work know my love of the old Fisher Price toys. I found this guy at a flea market last summer. His ear was all chewed up (ew?) but it was same old fisher price dog that I grew up with. Was inspired to paint him today. 


  1. I love the Fischer Price toys! My boys played with them. I wish I had saved some of them. Your painting brings back some good memories! I love your loose brush strokes and background. Well done!

  2. OMG I LOVE the Fisher Price People/Dogs! My boys loved them, too. My younger boy made sure he had two girls in his hands at ALL TIMES. Their names were both *Kelley* (gotta love that guy). You did a fabulous job, here, Kathleen! I made sure I showed your work to my students at the Art Club. They, of course, loved it!

  3. Linda and Kelley, thank you so much, I really appreciate the kind words - they were my all time favorite toys when I was a kid! These toys bring back such great memories for me. I wish I had kept mine too, but I didn't, and have to find them at flea markets and such. The new ones just don't compare to the old style.