Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 4, It's Cloud!

Watching, 5 x 7 inch oil on panel
© 2012 Kathleen Coy

Well, you knew my dog Cloud would have to show up sometime in this challenge, and it's pretty safe to say it won't be the last. ;-)

This is one of the few times I've ever painted a dog alla prima (all in one sitting), and am still getting the hang of it, but that's one of the reasons for this challenge - my larger paintings take days or weeks, and I want to learn more about the alla prima, looser brushwork style.

I really enjoyed this one.


  1. Yesssssss Cloud is AWESOME. How long did this one take you? It looks like it was still a pretty intensive painting. . .

    1. Thanks! I should have timed it, but I think it took around 2 hours.

  2. What a sweet little face...hehe!
    Butter wouldn't melt :)

  3. Cindy Sue LOVES it!!! Great job Kat. BTW, really enjoy seeing your daily works...don't comment every day, but I'm watching you ;~)