Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 18

Helmet, 7 x 5 inch oil on panel
© 2012 Kathleen Coy
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Well, here's something you don't see everyday - a naked man wearing a helmet and shoes. (At least, I don't see it everyday.) Where would I see this, you ask? I meet with a local figure drawing group once a week. For two and a half hours, we draw 2 minute, 10 minute, and 25 minute poses from a live model, and finish up with a 45 minute pose. I generally work in charcoal there, but I decided to bring my oils for the long pose.

This is the first time I've ever painted the figure, let alone painted the figure from life! 45 minutes may sound like a long time, but it went by like that **snaps fingers.** I had just enough time to get this down, but it was fun and challenging, and I'm really happy with the result! I plan to bring my oils to figure drawing more often.

I was going to title this: Male Nude with Helmet, but is a person really nude if they're wearing shoes..?


  1. Awesome! Now I regret missing figure drawing this last week. :P

    1. I know, I missed seeing you! This model is my favorite. He's like a statue!