Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 157

Lowcountry Marsh, 4 x 4 inch oil on panel
© 2012 Kathleen Coy

I decided to try a landscape on one of my little 4 x 4 inch panels because I couldn't spend much time on todays painting. I'm extremely happy with the result. This is my second painting of the Carolina marshland, and I think I could paint it a hundred times and not get tired of it. I love the light, and the peacefulness, and the reflections on the water. 


  1. A big thumbs up, Kat! I love this marsh scene, and can't believe it's 4x4. You are a master of all subjects.

  2. Thanks, Linda! I fell in love with the marshes down there, and they are just as much fun to paint.

  3. Lovely! I like the shapes and the colors in your landscape. And you got a lot of information in a very small format. Well done!

  4. Thanks, Linda! I'm really happy with how this one turned out.