Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 184

Panel of Horses after Chauvet, 4 x 4 inch oil on panel
© 2012 Kathleen Coy

Day 4 of the week-long series of paintings after my favorite cave art. Chauvet was discovered in 1994 in southern France, and contains some of the oldest known artwork - possibly older than 30,000 years. It's also the first cave art where drawings of predators were found (we'll explore that tomorrow) - there are drawings of lions and bears (oh, my!) And check out the rhino! I love knowing that artists still create with the same primitive tool of charcoal sticks - burnt wood. My rendition doesn't hold a candle to the beauty and sensitivity of the original, but I think we both say the same thing with our work, what every one of wants to say - We were here...

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