Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 93

International Harvester Pickup
6 x 6 inch, oil on panel. © 2012 Kathleen Coy

This fantastic old truck was parked in a barn where my plein air group met to paint this week. I felt a little like I was on the show American Pickers when I saw some of the cool stuff tucked away in that barn. There's something about being inside of an old barn like this that I just love to experience - the interior is mostly dark, with beams of light coming from gaps in the walls and ceiling. Quiet. Dusty. Broken here and there, but still holding steady after 100 years. You wish the walls could tell stories about everything they'd seen and heard through the generations. My friend Michael Wilson talks about the barn as a chapel, and I understand.

There wasn't any dramatic light on this truck, but I feel like the little bits of blue paint make up for it.  Speaking of drama, I started this painting on location, just long enough to get the drawing and colors right, then finished it in my nice air-conditioned studio. It was so hot that day, I thought I might burst into flames. (Plein air diva, remember?) ;-)

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